ORESOME TIMES - Including West Coast Cemetery Headstones
Williamsford-Rosebery Cemetery
?, Arthur, George. Site 153
BACON, John, Charles. Died 15/5/1940, Age 71yrs, Site 95. Wife: Drucilla. Children: Jack, Kent.
BAKER, Rowlands. Died 19/8/1938/9 (date poss.late 1950s), Site 17. Wife: Eilen/Ellen. Children: Lynette, Doreene
BALDOCK, Archibald. Died 19/6/1972, Age 57yrs, Site 341. Wife: Vyvie. Children: Shirley, Clarice (dec), Essie, Malcolm, Darrell, Geoffrey, Rodney, Leslie, Elizabeth, Lindsay, Colin
BALDOCK, Darrell, "Darry", William. Died 1972, Site 333. Second son of Vyvie & late Arch Baldock. Children: Michelle, Glen, Narelle. Killed in a rock fall.
BARNES, Claudie. Died 27/5/1989, Age 4yrs, Site 96
BARNETT, William, Frederick. Site 92
BARRATT, Ray. Site A50
BECK, A., W. Died 21/10/1942, Age 52yrs, Site 109 4434 Pte. 10 Battalion. A.I.F.
BECK, George. Site 57
BELLCHAMBERS, (Baby). Site 29
BENNETT, Arthur, F. "Toddler". Died 24/7/1969, Age 68yrs, Site 179. Wife: M. Bennett. Children: Myrene, Ted, Lionel, Dawn, Charles, Jack, Cheryl, Michael. "Died suddenly".
BENNETT, Edward, Arthur. 1927 - 1978, Site 310. Eldest son of Myrtle & late Arthur Bennett. Child: Tony.
BENNETT, Jane Maree. 1/4/1965 - 24/9/1967, Age 2yrs, Site 232. Parents: Judith & Lionel Bennett.
BENNETT, Michael, "Tod". Died 18/10/1971, Age 25yrs, Site 311. "Mike". "My youngest son". Died suddenly.
BENNETT, Myrtle, Irene. 3/3/1909 - 21/10/1992, Age 83yrs, Site 358. Husband: Arthur (Toddler) Bennett, Children: Myrene, Edward, Lionel, Dawn, Charlie, Jack, Cheryl, Michael.
BENNION, Edward. Died 12/4/1953, Age 62yrs. Wife: Kate. Children: Laura. Ada, Katy, Edward, Victor, Alice. "Served with Royal Lancashire Fusiliers".
BENNION, Kate. Died 24/11/1960, Site 53. Husband: Edward Bennion. Children: Laura. Ada, Katy, Edward, Victor, Alice.
BERRY, Marjorie. Died 2/1/1974, Age 53yrs, Site 41. Husband: Hugh John Berry. Children: Vernon, Annette, Carolynn, Isla.
BERRY, Vernon, John. 1940 - 1998, Age 57yrs, Site 41
BERRYMAN, Claude, Victor. Died 5/8/1963, Age 62yrs, Site 211. "Dad".
BERRYMAN, Leigh, Anthony. 3/5/1985 - 1/1/2001, Age 15yrs, Site 371. Parents: Colleen & Paul. Siblings: Adam, Josh, Katie.
BERRYMAN, Phyllis, Coralie. Died 26/5/1965, Age 62yrs, Site 170. Husband: Claude Victor Berryman. "Mum".
BRACKEN, Cyril, James. Died 18/10/1966, Site 263
BRACKEN, George. Died 27/10/1952, Age 87yrs, Site 205. "Father"
BRACKEN, Katherine. Died 4/2/1942, Age 77yrs, Site 206. "Wife & mother"
BRAMWELL, John, Robert. Died 17/3/1967, Age 30yrs, Site 217. Wife: Sandra. Child: Leroy. "Accidentally killed".
BRITTEN, Barry. Died 6/2003, Site 280, Site 280.
BURKE, Patrick. Died 25/1/1931, Site 210. Accidentally killed landslip river with T. Crabtree and U. J. Clare
BURKE, William, Joseph. Died 12/6/1945, Age 29yrs, Site 210. Memorial: Died Prisoner Of War, Sandakan, Borneo.VX39200 Pte.Aust.Corps of Elec.& Mech.Engineers. A.I.F. 2nd Bde. Ordnance Wksp. Parents: Joseph & Constance Mary Burke of Williamsford.Shown: Panel 29, Labuan Memorial.
BYRNE Terrence William 1921-2006
BURNS. Site 314
BURNS, Charles, Henry, "Harry". 26/9/1932 - 17/3/1998, Age 66yrs, Site Wall. Child: Anne-Marie.
BURNS, Frances, Mary. Died 14/12/1926, Age 65yrs, Site 313. Husband: Felix Burns. Child: Dorothy Ringville Burns - Marr. Alonzo Worsley.
BURNS, Shirley, Bertha. 3/9/1926 - 30/5/2002, Age 76yrs, Site Wall. (Lacey). Nee: O'Donohue. Mother of Ernest, Anne-Marie. Grandmother.
CHARLTON, Henrietta M. Died 21/3/1988, Site 118. Wife and mother.
CLARE, U. J. Died 25/1/1931, Site 196. Gunner. Wife: Winifred. Children: Gordon, John, Leslie, Coralie. "Accidentally killed landslip river with T. Crabtree and P. Burke".
CLARK, Mark, Joseph. Died 18/6/1957, Age 89yrs, Site 77
COBBING, Jack. Site 351
CONNORS, Cornelius, Joseph. Died 27/3/1948, Site 244. Wife: Mary.
CONNORS, Mary, Blanche. Died 14/6/1966, Site 265. "Aunt of Auriel".
COOK, Joseph. Died 11/2/1957, Age 67yrs, Site 31. Wife: Rosa, Child: Rosa, Grand-child: Brian.
CORBETT, Faye. Site 240.
COSGROVE, Edith. Site 277
COSTELLOE, Gladys, Muriel. 19/1/1923 - 17/11/2000, Age 77yrs, Site 231. Nee: Graue. Husband: Maurice "Cossie".Children: Don, Tommy, Jillian(dec.), David, John. Grandmother and great-grandmother
COSTELLOE, Maurice, G. Died 15/10/1967, Age 49yrs, Site 231. Wife: Gladys. Children: Don, Tommy, David, John. VX32010 Private 2/24 Infantry Battalion
COX, Malcolm. Site 204
DAVEY, Gavin, Frederick. Died 8/11/1959, Age 8yrs, Site 287. Parents: Cedric & Jean. Accidentally killed. Traffic accident.
DAVEY, Mark, Thomas. Died 24/11/1971, Age 5yrs, Site 288. Parents: Cedric & Jean.
DICK, Avis. Died 12/1/1972, Age 32yrs, Site 349. Child: Michelle Jean Dick. "Wife and mother".
DICK, Michelle, Jean. 19/2/1961 - 9/10/1992, Age 31yrs, Site 329. Mother: Avis Jean Dick. Sibling/s.
DICK, Royce, Leo, "Budgie". Died 21/8/1973, Age 38yrs, Site 347. Uncle of Michelle Jean Dick.
DICK, Suzanne, Kaye. 19/5/1956 - 28/11/1956, Age 6mths, Site 276. Infant daughter of Margaret & Warner.
DIREEN, Elizabeth . Died 30/3/1984, Age 93yrs, Site 78. Husband: late William Direen. "Mother of her family"
DODDS, Francine, Marion. 2/2/1991 Stillborn. Site 330 Parents Harold William Dodds and Tracy Lee Blacker.
DOWLING, Christopher John. 22/8/1982 - 22/8/1982, Age 1day, Site 352 Mother: Lynda. DUEHURST, Anthony. Site 104
DUNCAN, A.G.W. Died 30/4/1968, Age 51yrs, Site 227. Wife: Sylvie (Tiny). Children: Gaye, Bill, Maxine, Don. TX12247 Sergeant Army Service Corps.
DUNN, Ada, Lena. 12/12/1896 - 1/3/1979, Age 82yrs, Site 332. Husband: late Patrick Albert Dunn. Child/ren and Grand-child/ren.
DUNN, James. Site 251.
DUNN, Patrick, Albert. 26/1/1895 - 19/8/1945, Age 50yrs, Site 243. Wife: Ada Lena Dunn.
DUNSTAN, Leslie, James. 28/12/1911 - 21/6/2002, Age 90yrs, Site Wall. Wife: Thora. Children: Geoffrey, Oswald, Russell, Leslie, Susan, Robin, Dale. Grandfather and great-grandfather.
DUNSTAN, Michael, Hedley. Died 11/9/1989, Age 16yrs, Site 278. Parents: Ossie & Marg. Siblings: Ossie, Sonji. "Died tragically"
DUNSTAN, Thora, Beatrice. 8/10/1915 - 7/1/2003, Age 87yrs, Site Wall. Husband: Leslie James. Children: Geoffrey, Oswald, Russell, Leslie, Susan, Robin, Dale. Grandmother and great-grandmother
EAST, Kate, Madeline. Died 16/2/1948, Age 75yrs, Site 56. Husband: late V.E.East.
EAST, Leslie, Corbon . Died 13/9/1948, Age 30yrs, Site 63. Parents: K.M. & late E.V. East.
EAST, Paul. Died 2/1/1966, Site 296.
EDGE, Colin, Percy. Died 20/1/1961, Age 2hrs, Site 171. "Mum & Dad".
EDGERTON, Arthur. 1920 - 1926, Site 112
EDGERTON, Leila. 1918 - 1922, Site 113
EDGERTON, Letitia. 1886 - 1933, Site 111
EDGERTON, Max. 1923 - 1924, Site 113
EDGERTON, William. 1877 - 1939, Site 114
EDGERTON, William. Site 116
EMERSON, Laurence. Site 216
EVANS, Joanne. 24/2/1969 - 3/5/1969, Age 2mths, Site 302
FAIRFIELD, Elsie, Anne. 29/5/1892 - 17/12/1972, Age 80yrs, Site 342. Husband: Thomas Fairfield.
FAIRFIELD, Thomas. 21/11/1880 - 28/11/1940, Age 60yrs, Site 203. Wife: Elsie Fairfield.
FAIRFIELD Raymond Paul 04/01/1930-12/01/2009 Father of Dianne and Raymond. Son of Elsie and Thomas
FENTON, Alice, Mary. Site 378. Husband: Allan Fenton. Children: Peter, Judith. Grandmother.
FIELD, Darrell, John. Died 17/11/1973, Age 21yrs, Site 306. Parents: Joyce & Johnny Field. Siblings: Elaine, Shane, Pennie, Peta, Jacquiline, Ricky. Accidentally killed. Traffic accident.
FIELD, John. Died 1998 Site 368. Wife: Joyce. Child: Darrell John.
FORD, Harold, "Mick". Died 8/8/1968, Site 178. Late 1st A.I.F. 49th Battalion. "Tot".
FREW, Brian, John. 5/3/1966 - 2/12/2001, Age 35yrs, Site Wall. Parents: William & Susan Frew (nee Dunstan). Siblings: Toni, Theresea, Wendy. Wife: Sherry. Children: Alicia, Lytisha, Toby, Teleka.
GANNON, Timothy. Born 13/6/1852. Died 15/7/1934, Age 83yrs. Wife: Elizabeth Lacey. Site 208.
GIBBONS, A. O. Died 1/2/1980, Age 65yrs, Site 377. Wife: Mary. Children: Eleanor, Patrick, Peter, Kathryn, Larry, Liz. TX5486 Corporal 2/6 Infantry Battalion.
GIBBONS Mary Ellen Wife of A O Gibbons 1927-2007
GREEN, Bryan, Clarence. Died 4/9/1935, Age 11mths, Site 69. Parents: Mavis & Harry Green.
GRIFFITHS, Frank, Gordon. Died 11/7/1967, Age 59yrs, Site 233. Wife: Vera. Children: Brian, Frank, Neil, Shirley, June, Gail, Faye.
GROSSMANN, Wolfgang, F. 30/1/1936 - 2/2/1967, Site 234
GRUBB, Christine. Site 52
HAMPTON, Linda, May. Died 1/6/1960, Age 64yrs, Site 161. Husband: William. Child/ren.
HAMPTON, Maxwell, John. Died 14/7/1928, Age 11wks, Site 163. Parents: V. & C. Hampton.
HAMPTON, William, Henry. Died 27/4/1970, Age 74yrs, Site 13. Wife: Linda. Child/ren.
HAMPTON, William, Thomas. Died 23/4/1939, Age 11yrs, Site 97. Only son of William & Linda Hampton.
HARRISON, Leslie, Thomas. Died 12/5/1979, Age 54yrs, Site 39. Wife: Margaret. Children: Michael, Lorraine, Steven, Dianne, Debbie, Robert.
HARRISON, Michael, John. Died 27/9/1970, Age 18yrs, Site 11. Parents: Margaret & Leslie Harrison
HEALY, Amelia. Site 238
HEALY, Francis, "Frank". Age 55yrs, Site 346. Child: Michael Grant.
HEALY, Michael, Grant. 1943 - 1968, Site 301. Father: Francis (Frank).
HEALY, Reginald. Site 239
HESS, Ellie, Mary. Died 8/4/1945, Age 49yrs, Site 105
HESS, L. Site 160
HESS, Laura. Died 9/12/1943, Age 77yrs, Site 107. Mother.
HETHERINGTON, Ellen, Janet, "Nellie". Died 10/5/1943, Age 65yrs, Site 108. Husband: R.J. Hetherington. "Mother".
HETHERINGTON, Ian, Neil . Died 25/7/1947, Age 6yrs, Site 64. Parents: C. & R. Hetherington.
HETHERINGTON, Robert, Neil. Died 1/8/1938, Age 22yrs, Site 156. Parents: R.J. & N. Hetherington.
HOLOHANN, M. J. Site 242
(H/B)OWARD, ?, Edward. Site 4 (Information provided that this may be Len Howard - died late 1950's)
HOWE, Rob? Site 155
HUSTON, Alice. Died 6/3/1966, Age 88yrs, Site 266. Child: Thomas Huston.
HUSTON, James, Ronald. Died 1/10/1980, Age 67yrs, Site 380. Parents: Thomas & Alice. Late 2nd A.I.F. R.A.E. TX15013 C.L.E. (G.L.E.?)
HUSTON, John, Richard, Dudley. Died 8/12/1986, Age 71yrs, Site 245. Parents: Thomas & Alice. Siblings: Thomas, Patrick, William, Robert, James, Pearl. "Accidentally killed".
HUSTON, Patrick, Joseph. Born 1905 Died 16/7/1985, Age 80yrs, Site 385. Parents: Thomas & Alice. Wife: Violet. Siblings: Thomas, William, Robert, James, John, Pearl.
HUSTON, Robert, Ambrose. 8/9/1909 - 8/9/1989, Age 80yrs, Site 248. Parents: Thomas & Alice. Siblings: Thomas, Patrick, William, James, Jack, Pearl. Late A.I.F. TX15007 A.I.F. R.A.E.
HUSTON, Thomas. Died 12/7/1963, Age 63yrs, Site 267. Mother: Alice Huston.
HUSTON, Violet. Site 322
JACOBS, Tamara, Maree. 1974 - 23/3/1974, Age 10wks, Site 43. Mother: Julie Jacobs.
JACOBS, W. "Bill" A. Died 13/7/1973, Site 40. Wife: Joyce. Child: Julie. "TX9454 Private 2nd A.I.F".
JOHNSON, Gladys. Died 5/11/1954, Age 70yrs, Site 91. Husband: late Charles Johnson. Mother and grandmother.
JONES, Pearl, Pauline. 1/8/1919 - 6/12/1989, Age 70yrs, Site 283. Husband: Harold. Children: Arthur, Mary, Grand-children: Darren, Shane, Scott.
KAYE, Gladys, Margaret. Died 1/11/1973, Age 63yrs, Site 350. Husband: Bill Kaye. Child: Margaret Ann Kaye.
KEATING, Elizabeth, Rose, Ann. Died 15/5/1969, Site 154. Mother.
KEATING, George. Died 8/9/1966, Site 235. Wife: Irene. Children: Annette, Lorraine (Lucy), Doug, Rhonda.
KEATING, Raymond. Died 18/3/1968, Site 228.
KELLY, Ellerie, Ada. Died 28/4/1967, Age 56yrs, Site 172. Husband: Leo (Mick). "Mother".
KELLY, Lyell ,Terrance. Site 207.
KING, Leo, Joseph. 24/6/1899 - 3/3/1967, Age 67yrs, Site 262. Siblings; 2 brothers, 1 sister.
KLIMECK, Frank. Died 20/3/1938, Age 51yrs, Site 195. Wife: Het. "Dad".
KLIMECK, Het. Died 31/3/1950, Age 60yrs, Site 250. Husband: Frank.
KRAUSS, Rolf . 10/8/1929 - 7/2/1970, Age 40yrs, Site 300
LANCASTER, Matthew. 21/9/1986 - 6/3/1999, Age 12yrs, Site 369. Parents: Janice & Samuel. Siblings: Ruth, Jenny, late Samuel, late Allen. "Chub".
LAWLER, Beatrice, Elizabeth. 20/6/1900 - 5/5/1972, Age 71yrs, Site 318. Husband: John Thomas Lawler. Children: James, William, Ellen, Allan, Irene, Kerry, Noreen, Kevin.
LAWLER, John, Thomas. 15/3/1898 - 11/12/1960, Age 62yrs, Site 317. Wife: Beatrice. Children: James, William, Ellen, Allan, Irene, Kerry, Noreen, Kevin.
LENANE, Shirley, Elizabeth. (6)/6/1937 - 27/6/1988, Age 50yrs, Site 343. Nee: Sullivan. Parents: Arthur Conelious & Vera Sullivan. Siblings: Cecily, Bronwyn, Rodney Garth.
LINCON, (Baby). Site 253
LOGUE, Michelle, Maree. Site 298
MACKRELL Baby daughter. (Elizabeth?) About late 1950's. Parents: Glennon & Zoë Mackrell (nee Berryman). Site 275.
MANSFIELD, Ernest, George. Died 6/2/1959, Site 76
MANSFIELD-MEE?, Myrtle, Susannah. Died 26/6/1975, Site 75. Nee: Charlton. Husband: Ernest George Mansfield. Children: Geoff, Bryan.
MARSTON, Denis, Charles. Died 15/11/1961, Age 21yrs, Site 136. Parents: Albert & Elne. "Accidentally killed at Tullah".
MARTAIN, Tasman. Died 29/5/1912, Age 4yrs, Site 159. Parents: W. & A. Martain.
McBAIN, John. 8/8/1896 - 2/9/1913, Age 17yrs, Site 164. "Killed at the T.M.E. company". Struck on head and shoulders by counter weight as he leaned over lift shaft to look down".
McDONALD, Raymond, Joseph. Died 10/10/1957, Age 51yrs, Site 273. Wife: Alice. Children: Peter, Janet, Ken, Ted.
McKAY, Nancy, Isobel. Died 6/6/1974, Age 64yrs, Site 44 Nee: Wordsworth. Husband: Ronald Francis Forbes McKay. Children: Dawn, Margaret (Jean), Wendy.
McKAY, Ronald, Francis, Forbes. Site 36. "Major". Died mid 1980s. Wife Nancy Isobel McKay (nee Wordsworth). Children: Dawn, Margaret (Jean), Wendy.
McMAHON, Violet, Evelyn. 1932 - 1975, Site 14. Nee: Wordsworth.
McREDMOND, Molly. 24/6/1995, MCREDMOND Leo Francis  1928-2009 Site 357
McVICARS, William, John. Died 1970, Site 12
MEIRHOFER, Rudi. 22/1/1932 - 29/10/1986, Age 54yrs, Site 200. Wife: Dang.
MELSELL, Fred. Site 61
MILLER, Reginald, Z. Died 1/7/1965, Age 55yrs, Site 260. Wife: Patricia. Children: Reginald, Stephen, Brian, Roger, Robert.
MILLER, Robert, Cecil. Died 18/5/1961, Age 71yrs, Site 65
MOORE, Catherine, Fraser. 6/6/1897 - 28/8/1968, Age 71yrs, Site 177. "Mum".
MOLONEY Edward Brian 4/12/1936 - 16/6/2006 Husband of Christine
O'CONNOR, Alice. Site 236
O'CONNOR, Patrick. Site 237
O'DEA, G. Site 187
O'DEA, Matthew, Gerard. 3/6/1925 - 17/4/1961, Age 35yrs, Site 188. Parents: William & Violet O'Dea. Wife: Faye. Children: Cary, Sandra. "Died tragically,-work accident Rosebery". Royal Australian Navy 1943-47. Active service on HMAS Kanimbla. Able Seaman PM5640.
OLIVER, R. Site 62
OSBORNE, Colin, Thomas. Died 15/1/1956, Age 2yrs, Site 35
OWENS, Lucy, Frances. Died 21/2/1964, Age 88yrs, Site 102
PAPAZACHARIOU, Joanna, Andrina. 9/3/1979 - 12/3/1979, Age 3 days, Site 331
PEARCE, Tony, John. 14/11/1981 - 24/1/1982, Age 2mths, Site 48
POWELL, Michael, Francis. Died 30/5/2003, Age 53yrs.Site 282 Children Michael (dec.-also buried this cemetery), Zennia, Joanne, David, Kelli and Jessica.
PREES, Mary, Ann. Site 30
QUINN, A. C. Died 6/10/1968, Age 54yrs, Site 226. Wife: Dorothy. Children: Lorraine, Michael, Gregory. TX2883 Private. Army Medical Corps.
RAMSDALE, Kenneth, Blake. Died 1968, Site 182. Wife: Dulcie. Children: Keith & Roy.
RAMSDALE, Leanne, Faye. Died 1975 Age 13mths, Site 87. Parents: Susan & Roy. Siblings: Michael, twin Darrell.
RAMSDALE, Roy, Gordon. Died 21/8/1935(6), Age 21yrs, Site 110. Son of R.W. Ramsdale. "Accidentally killed" Memorial erected by father, mother and workmates.
READY, Jack. Died 20/2/1934, Age 17yrs, Site 193. Parents: E. & M. Ready. "Drowned in the Stitz River". (Stitt River?).
REYNOLDS, Murray, Victor. 14/3/1947 - 2/7/1966, Age 19yrs, Site 133. Parents: Freda & Laurence. Siblings: Tony, Grant, Guy, John, Gay. "Died suddenly".
RICHARDSON, Emily, Jane (nee Brown, marr. names (1) Harper, (2) Richardson), Born 1884 - died July 1966. Wife of Charles Richardson who fought in Boer war and is buried in Zeehan cemetery.
RUSH, Lind/y/a, Jane. 7/10/1975 - 10/5/1976, Age 7mths, Site 334
RUTHERFORD, Roland. Died 27/1/1952, Age 47yrs, Site 54. Wife: Evelyn. Child: Bob.
SCHINOGL, Istvan. Died 27/3/1958, Age 43yrs, Site 272. Children: Istvan, Eva. "Came from ALAG, Hungary 1951. "7 years in Rosebery". Died in mine accident.
SCHULZ, Winifred, Rose. 1913 - 1963, Site 268. Husband: John Donald. "Children"
SEEN, Raymond. Died 1/3/1972, Age 47yrs, Site 85. Wife: Edna. "Accidentally killed". Rock fall, Rosebery.
SELLARS, Judith, Anne. Died 21/2/1945, Age 2yrs, Site 103. Parents: P.J. & C.K. Sellars.
SHEPERD. Site 328
SINGLETON Maddison Rose 2000 Loved baby daughter of Joanne and Andrew
SMITH, Anthony, "Frog". 2/7/1953 - 8/7/1991, Age 38yrs, Site 354. Parents: late Kathleen & Leonard. Siblings: Barry, Terry, Brian, Carol, Frances, Rodney, Colin.
SMITH, Brian, Craige. Died 29/4/1984, Age 19yrs, Site 384. Parents: Brian & Shirley. Siblings: David, Gregory (dec.), Matthew, Jamie, Cindy, Luke. Accidentally killed. Motor cycle accident.
SMITH, Kathleen, Elizabeth. Died 4/2/1986, Age 68yrs, Site 353. Husband: Leonard. Child: Anthony "Frog" Smith.
STANDLEY, Andrew. Died 2/11/1962, Site 186
STANLEY, Bertha. Died 11/7/1956, Age 69yrs, Site 34
STANLEY, Harry, James. Died 26/1/1958, Site 18. Parents: Bertha & Harry Stanley.
STANLEY, Harry, James. Died 23/7/1956, Age 78yrs, Site 33
STINGEL, Raymond, Malcolm. Died 16/1/1966, Age 17yrs, Site 134. Parents: Des & Mavis. "Accidentally killed at Rosebery". Traffic accident.
STURGALES, (Baby). Site 70
SULLIVAN, Arthur, Conelious. Died 21/1/1973, Age 55yrs, Site 343. Wife: Vera Sullivan. Children: Cecily, Shirley, Bronwyn, Rodney Garth.
SULLIVAN, Peter, <D.>. Site 292
SULLIVAN, Rodney, Garth. Died 17/11/1973, Age 21yrs, Site 344. Parents: Arthur Conelious & Vera Sullivan. Siblings: Cecily, Shirley, Bronwyn."
TAGGART, <Elsie>. Site 291
TAGGART, Daniel, Adam. 5/1/1974 - 7/1/1974, Age 2mths, Site 42. Parents: Marlene & Laurie. Siblings: David, Donna.
TAGGART, E. Site 51
TAGGART, Rex, Ernest. Died 27/3/1972, Age 59yrs, Site 6. Wife: Millicent. Child: Beverly.
TARGETT, Thomas, Clive. Died 16/8/1966, Age 42yrs, Site 264. Wife: Dawn. Children: Malcolm, Marilyn, Colleen, Brenda, Roslyn. "Accidentally killed". Rock fall at Rosebery.
TAYLOR, Robert. Died 19/12/1942, Age 67yrs, Site 93. Wife: Ann Colston Taylor.
THOMAS, Blanche. Died 20/10/1947, Age 54yrs, Site 241
THOMAS, Maisie, Alma. Died 7/1965, Site 294. "Mother"
THOMAS, Percy, Leo. Died 1/11/1954, Site 252. Wife: Blanche.
THOMPSON, Dennis. 1951 - 1970, Site 312. Parents: Bill & Annice. Siblings: Valda, Clive, Kevan, Albert, Coral.
THOR. Site 55
TRAILL, Bernard, Mylne. Died 22/4/1929, Age 42yrs, Site 115. Wife. "Accidentally killed Williamsford"
TYRELL, Keith, Robert. Died 21/7/1985, Age 37yrs, Site 386. Wife: Frances. Children: John, Adrian, Maree, Darren.
VINC, Alice. Site 58
WALKER, Valma, May. Died 1941, Age 10yrs, Site 94
WARE, Jean. Died about 1980's, Site 356
WATSON, Allan, Richard, Thomas. Died 22/2/1942, Age 23yrs, Site 213. Parents: Thomas & Christina. Brother Max. TX5113 Private Aust.Infantry.2/40 Bn. A.I.F. Timor. Shown: Panel 5, Northern Territory Memorial.
WATSON, Maxwell, Grameme. Died 3/9/1972, Age 50yrs, Site 38. Parents: Thomas & Christina of Rosebery. Brother: Allan.
WATSON, Thomas, Robert. Died 1965, Site 213. Wife: Christina.
WEAVER, Margaret, Frances. Died 3/6/1972, Age 52yrs, Site 339. Husband: Herbert. Children: Peter, Anthony, Herbert, Pauline.
WEIDERMAN, Clarice, Aileen. Died 26/2/1973, Age 34yrs, Site 348
WEIDERMAN, Sherriee, Lynda. Died 16/11/1972, Age 2yrs, Site 309
WELLING, Sterle, Leslie. Died 14/4/1976, Age 60yrs, Site 335
WEM. Site 308
WEMS, Joe. Site 297
WHITE, Josephine. Died 20/11/1932, Age 70yrs, Site 117
WILLIAMS, Cecil, Richard. Died 22/8/1964, Age 68yrs, Site 212. "Sister & brothers & nieces".
WILLIAMS, Eric, Archibald. Died 24/11/1940, Site 148. Wife: Grace A. Williams. Child: Annette.
WILLIAMS, Marjorie, Elizabeth. 1903 - 1974, Site 86. Nee: Cording. Husband: Percival.
WILLIAMS, Richard, Henry. Died 17/10/1941, Age 68yrs, Site 101. Wife: Lucy.
WILLIAMS, Robert, Percival. 1891 - 1962, Site 137. Wife: Marjorie Elizabeth.
WILLIAMSON, Samuel. Died 9/1/1963, Age 33yrs, Site 135. Wife: Ellen. Child: Tony. "Accidentally killed at Rosebery". (Fire officer killed when fire tanker overturned on way to fire.)
WINSKILL, Beverley. 29/7/1940 - 27/4/2003, Age 63yrs, Site 279. Nee Browne. Husband: William David Winskill. "Daughter".
WINSKILL, Mary, Ellen. Died 28/11/1943, Site 201. "Mum".
WORSLEY, Alonzo, Albert. 14/12/1893 - 1/12/1960, Age 66yrs, Site 290. Wife: Dorothy Ringville Worsley (nee Burns)
WORSLEY, Dorothy, Ringville. 12/4/1900 - 31/5/1966, Age 66yrs, Site 316. Parents: late Frances & Felix Burns, Husband: Alonzo Albert
WORSLEY, Richard, Horace. Died 6/9/1926, Age 31yrs, Site 99. Accidentally killed. Memorial by wife and workmates.