ORESOME TIMES - Including West Coast Cemetery Headstones
Whyte River Hotel, Whyte River
Edward Lynch 1892–97
John Green 1900–01
John H Hays 1902–04
Edward Lynch 1906–12
(Public house licence)
James Quinton jnr 1913
C Quinton 1914–15
James Quinton 1916–27
   Percy A Anderson 1928 
Boom days at the Whyte River Hotel
as recalled by ‘The Tame Tasmanian’ (Garnet Smith) 
The sight of this hotel opened the floodgates of my memory…Well I remember some pleasant evenings among the boys, all good fellows, whose motto was ‘fill’em up for everyone.’ Tommy Prouse would be at one end of the room singing ‘Just as the sun went down,’ with Joe Jupp at the other, singing ‘Little Brown Jug’. While 'Little Jos' would be trying to make himself heard with ‘Mary of Argyle.’ Here it was that I last heard poor ‘Scottie’ Fraser sing… 
I remember sitting in front of the hotel one day [when] a Swede, who lived close by, arrived with a badger on his back. He was in a very bad temper….

(‘The Tame Tasmanian’ (Garnet Smith), ‘A Trip to Corinna’, Advocate 6 December 1924, p.11)
Hijinks at the Whyte River Hotel: Jos Hancock ('Little Jos') and Jack Davidson (below left);
Tasmanian Motorcycle Club at the Whyte River Hotel (below right).
Photos courtesy of Helen Mott and by JH Robinson respectively
Magnet Hotel, Magnet
E Lynch 1902–03
James Fagan 1904
James Fagan 1906–08
(public house licence)
William Fagan 1909–10
James Fagan 1911–17
John Terry 1918–20
John Maloney 1921–22
John Saville 1923
Chas Cornelius 1924
Mervyn John Raymond Brown 1924–28
Daniel Delphin 1929
Magnet Hotel (below)
Photo by JH Robinson
Heazlewood Bridge Hotel, Heazlewood
(that is, Heazlewood River, Jesse Josiah Jupp 1889–91
Belton Hotel, Heazlewood
(that is, the 13-Mile,near the Godkin mine,Jesse Josiah Jupp 1892
Jesse Josiah and Emma Jupp (below),
publicans and boarding house keepers
at the Hampshire Hills and Heazlewood
Photos courtesy of...