ORESOME TIMES - Including West Coast Cemetery Headstones
James Smith
Forth Congregational Cemetery

Born 1st July 1827
Died 15 Jun 1897
H/o Mary Jane Smith
A Noble Gentleman

Sleep on, beloved, and take thy rest, Thou hast earned it faithfully here.
The life to others has been blest – can we part without a tear?
Ah, no! dear friend of early days, for too many thoughts arise
Of sterling worth and gentle ways, that tear my tears, unbidden, rise.
The seventy years have been well spent, thy talent has gained ten,
Whatever God to thee has lent, has blessed thy fellow men.
‘Mid toil and hardship, few have known, your labor of love went on.
Till Bischoff’s mine (which all men own the richest the world upon).
Poured forth her wealth, and saved your land, by giving work to the poor.
Nor thought that thine unaided hand had closed grim poverty’s door.
With bow’d head, and humble mien, thy life among men has passed.
Thy charities, by most unseen, have earned their reward at last.
I think I hear the Lord’s sweet voice saying, “Enter into rest!”
While happy angels around rejoice for one more, among the blest
Devonport June 27. E.P.
The North-West Post 3rd July 1897
Nic Haygarth See Paper


 William Robert (WR) Bell (1830-1911) was one of few nineteenth-century Tasmanian mineral prospectors to reap the benefit of his own discoveries. While Bell's prospecting career was never glorious, it sustained him for decades, was rich in experience and ultimately successful, rewarding him financially and giving employment to hundreds of families.


Headstone in Wivenhoe Cemetery, Burnie, Tasmania
 Venture Minerals paid for the complete restoration of this beautiful marble headstone.
Restoration will be done by John Dunn Stone masons of Launceston.

(Nic Haygarth...See Paper)
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