ORESOME TIMES - Including West Coast Cemetery Headstones
The Pieman River goldfield (1877-85)
Australia's maritime goldfield
  • heavily reliant on coastal shipping
  • hazardous crossings of the Pieman River bar
  • waterways used for transport (by dug-out Huon pine canoe)
  • waterways utilised for food
From the lower Pieman to Long Plain,
Lucy Spur to the Longback...
 Alfresco dining Pieman-Style

Some old personalities of the
Pieman goldfield
(Below) hoteliers Gam and Lydia Webster (left and right),
prospector and track cutter Tom Moore (below centre),
replete with thylacine-skin cap, dogs and fake snow.
Gam Webster was also a pioneer prospector at the Pieman.

Present personalities 
of the Pieman diggings
(Clockwise from left) Tasmanian cave spider (Hickmania troglodytes),
beads of moisture on a web in an adit at Golden Ridge,
another cave spider and a cave cricket.