ORESOME TIMES - Including West Coast Cemetery Headstones
Corinna Hotel, Pieman River
William V Sutton 1880
 The Corinna Hotel was indeed a 'watering hole',
generally approached from the water by
boat, punt or Huon pine dug-out canoe
Advert from Devon Herald 1880
Donaldson Inn, Pieman River
Job Savage 1881–82
      Star Hotel, c 1932 (above)
Photo by JH Robinson
Star Hotel, Corinna
John Foster 1883–88
Thomas Davis 1889–93
John Foster 1895–96
 Graves of publicans Gam Webster and
Thomas Davis at Corinna (below)
       Corinna Hotel, Corinna             
Gamaliel Webster 1897
Lydia Jane Webster 1898
John Duniam Fraser 1899